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Welcome to my website!  Stay a while, put your feet up, and look around. I'll be adding lots of new things in the coming weeks. Join my free newsletter group for a chance to win books. I write very sexy romances with a bit of humor. Check out the recipe page if you enjoy cooking.  Some of the recipes have been passed down through the generations. 

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With Cavenaugh's goons closing in on her,

​​undercover DEA agent, Fallon Hargis, relies on

​​her wits to make her escape, but is Fallon

​​pushing her luck when she shoves her way into

​​the hotel room of slow-talking, small town

​​sheriff, Wade Tanner---then at gunpoint orders

​​him to strip?

What choice does Wade have? He strips. Suddenly

​​the game isn't a game anymore when he discovers

​​she's been shot and he's the only one standing

​​between her and the men who want her dead. Wade

​​has only one choice---take her back to Two Creeks,


Will his small town survive this sexy as sin, tough

​​talking, undercover agent? Hell, will he?

     Jody Dupree couldn’t predict that her Uncle John

​​​​would ​​​murder her father or that she would catch a stray

​​bullet and ​​be left for dead. Or that the older sister she

​​adored would ​​disappear off the face of the ​​earth and

​​never ​​be heard from again. But then, she’d only been a


​​     Raised on the bayou, deep in the Louisiana swamps,  

​​Jody Dupree is gifted with what Mamere calls second

​​sight.   ​​As she gets older, the visions get stronger. Like

​​tonight,  ​​she ​​knows something is going ​​to happen. This

​​birthday is going ​​to be different from all her other


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     Cody Carlisle has a reputation for being a bad ass bounty hunter.

​​She was raised by an alcoholic mother and she has no idea who her

​​father is, so yeah, she had to grow up fast. Her survival depended on

​​it. She doesn’t need anyone, especially a player like Josh Pierce.

     ​​Josh Pierce, ex undercover agent turned bounty hunter. Cody is the

​​only thorn in his side because he’s never wanted a woman as badly

​​as he wants her. Except she won’t have anything to do with him.

​​     When they grudgingly team up to go after a felon, Josh and Cody find

​​they’re in way over their heads. The Mexican police don’t take kindly

​​to bounty hunters so Josh does the only thing he can do—he lies and

​​tells El Capitan they only want to get married.

     ​​It goes downhill from there…..

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