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Welcome to my website!  Stay a while, put your feet up, and look around. I'll be adding lots of new things in the coming weeks. Join my free newsletter group by sending a blank email (at the bottom of the page) for a chance to win books. I write very sexy romances with a bit of humor. Check out the recipe page if you enjoy cooking.  Some of the recipes have been passed down through the generations. 

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"...readers are in for an exciting and enjoyable ride."
Michelle Wiener, Romantic Times

",,,the sex is steamy and the pacing gallops along in this readable romp."

"...In her trademark style Karen Kelley has crafted a story that has elements for every reader, from the humor to the steamy encounters..." Cryna Palmiere, reader reviewer

I really enjoyed this book. Ms. Kelley combines aliens with suspense and red-hot romance. She tells the story of Lyraka and Roan with humor. I often found myself laughing and the difficulties Lyraka and Roan find themselves in as they try to work together. The addition of an archenemy added a suspenseful element to the story that helped balance the humor and the levity. Reviewed by: Leah, Eye On Romance
Ms. Kelley has such a big tale here with so many threads leading to Lyraka and Roan that it could be quite confusing if it were not written as well as it is. Instead, the author uses those threads to keep the reader on the edge, eagerly anticipating the next event. This is a sexy story with the adventure to make it all work. Dating Outside Your DNA is one book that is well worth taking the time to read.
Kimberly, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

     Special agent Roan Hendrix will train anyone if it’ll get him off injured leave and back on active duty. Besides, Joe says she’s nerakian. Roan figures she’s a warrior. Even though they’ve never actually had a war on their planet, they still train. A week of his time at the most.

     ​Lyraka is more than happy to escapee the confines of her mother’s artist colony to train for the interplanetary elite force, but Joe failed to mention her trainer was obnoxious, stubborn and downright sexy. The solitude of her mother’s colony is starting to look better and better, and a whole lot safer.

     ​J​oe failed to explain to Roan that Lyraka is only half nerakian and the other half is earthling, and apparently he didn’t think it was important to mention she’s not a warrior and has in fact lived her life in seclusion. Joe could’ve at least told Roan that her abilities are heightened, rather than lessened, by her mixed blood. Joe also left out the fact she was the most mesmerizing, obstinate woman Roan would ever meet.

     ​How is Roan supposed to train someone as green as Lyraka? Especially when the stakes just went up.