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Welcome to my website!  Stay a while, put your feet up, and look around. I'll be adding lots of new things in the coming weeks. Join my free newsletter group by sending a blank email (at the bottom of the page) for a chance to win books. I write very sexy romances with a bit of humor. Check out the recipe page if you enjoy cooking.  Some of the recipes have been passed down through the generations. 

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     Skeptic and author Trent Sanders will make so-called psychic Selena

​​James ​​​pay for challenging him to stay two weeks in the supposedly haunted

​​hotel of Garvey County. By the end of their two weeks he’ll expose her for

​​the fraud she is. But when he sees her in person, it might just be possible

​​she can raise the dead.

     ​​Selena James is really pissed at Trent Sanders for publicly proclaiming

​​her ​​delusional. She doesn’t care how hot the guy is, he’ll be eating his words

​​before the two weeks are up! She’ll prove ghosts exist. At least, she hopes

​​she can. Ghosts can be very stubborn, obstinate, manipulative…. This may

​​be a very long two weeks.

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Sydney doesn’t want to be Tony’s ‘best bud’! She wants to be his lover, but she

​​can’t make him see it won’t ruin their longtime friendship. They’re meant to be

​​together. The man is stubborn, stubborn, stubborn! If only she had a fairy


​​Tony thought he understood Sydney, but then she dropped the bomb that she

​​wants to end their song writing partnership all because he doesn’t want to make

​​love with her. His parents were best friends who did exactly that, then fought the ten

​​years they stay married, ending in a bitter divorce. Nope, not happening with him

​​and Syd!

​​But when a snow storm strands them in Christmastown at the haunted Sleigh Bells

​​Inn, Sydney will find her fairy Godmother in the guise of a dead gay Elvis

​​impersonator, but will she end up with a hunka, hunka burnin’ love or only discover

​​she’s staying at heartbreak hotel?

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