USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

His family’s past is stained with the blood of others as they rose to the top in organized crime, but this isn’t the life Declan chose, and it isn’t one he wants, but walking away is never easy. He knows too much and his enemies want to bury his secrets, along with him.
And they almost succeed.
In the aftermath of an explosion, Declan turns to Carter James, hiring him and his team of misfit warriors to discover who wants him dead.
With Declan still recovering from his injuries, Carter puts Briar in as his bodyguard.
Declan’s not so sure about Briar. A woman protecting him? Like everyone else, he’s fooled by her looks. He soon learns otherwise. Dynamite also comes in very sexy packages.
Briar is relentless, daring, and lethal. She’s always having to prove herself and it’s made her work harder than anyone else on the team. But she has other obstacles in her path with this assignment—Declan. Briar realizes she’s more afraid of what she feels for him than going up against a killer.
With an attraction this intense, while playing a deadly game of survival, both of them just might go up in flames.

Never A Saint