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Here are a few writing tips that work for me
For those visitors who are considering trying their hand at writing, or those who are already aspiring authors, Karen has posted some wonderful tips and articles on "the craft" of writing.

Please enjoy the offerings below and remember to check back for new additions!

Click on title to view article.

How To Be A Diva
Karen's hilarious advice to all divas-in-training.

Practice Makes Perfect
Learn just how wrong that old cliche can be!

Who Cares?
Learn about starting your story in the nick of time!

Time Management
Hints and tips on making the time to write!

When Opportunity Knocks!
Karen's inspiring article on keeping an ear open for opportunity!

Deep Point of View
The secret of bringing your characters to life!

The Best Teacher
See what Karen has to say about how much reading can help your writing!

Help! I'm Blocked!
See what Karen has to say about getting past your writing fears and finding your creativity!

Find a Critique Partner(s)
See what Karen has to say about the importance of a good critique!

Watch Your Words!
See what Karen has to say about making beautiful music with your words!

Write Every Day!
See what Karen has to say about determination and perseverance.

Stretching The Boundaries To Another Dimension
Helpful ideas about suspending disbelief and deepening character through symbolism, action and visuals.