When Opportunity 
What will you do when opportunity knocks? Will you walk away? Not answer the door? Pretend there’s no one there? Or will you be the first one to open the door and invite opportunity in?
I look back over the years and see how many times opportunity knocked on my door, then cringe because I didn’t answer. Opportunity didn’t hang around, either. It went to the next door. That’s the sad thing about opportunity, it can be fleeting...gone before you make up your mind what you should do.

If you were told that you could sit down with an agent or editor right now and learn what they like---would you do it? I chose to answer the door a couple of years ago. I heard about an author who was having a contest on her website. It didn’t cost anything---which was great since I was broke. I didn’t even have to buy a stamp because you only needed to e-mail your entry. It didn’t even take up a lot of my time. The entry was three pages.

Opportunity was knocking.

But I couldn’t write for Brava. These were really strong writers. What did I have to lose, though? Just a little bit of time. I entered. It changed my life. I was offered a three book contract. So where will you be when opportunity knocks? Will you answer? Wait---is that someone knocking?