Watch Your Words!
I’m not musical. I have absolutely no singing talent. In fact, I would make a bad singer look really good. I can’t play an instrument, either. I always dreamed of playing one--because I knew I’d never be a singer. I can bang a drum but that’s about the extent of my talent. My family leaves the room if I so much as go near drumsticks--unless they come from a chicken. I am a pretty good cook, if I do say so myself.

But I discovered I have all the music in my life I can handle. My keyboard is my piano. As my fingers move across the letters I create a song of my own. My music is in the words that come up on the screen.

And when I read the words aloud, the song comes alive. I can hear if I’m out of tune, or if I need to add or take away words that stop the harmony from flowing as smoothly as I want. Try reading your work aloud and see if you stumble across some of the words. Or maybe they’ll be music to your ears.