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Karen Kelley

Scavenger Hunt Series

Undressed: Book Four

The Scavenger Hunt Game Rules: Draw a card. Seduce the man. End of game.

Consequences for failure: Two weeks on a remote island with no internet—a career killer.

The Player: Bree

Bree is on a mission: Find a tour guide. The tricky part will be seducing him.

Why, oh, why did Bree, a fashion buyer, agree to go on this idiotic scavenger hunt? Oh yes, the consequences of not completing her task would be a killer for her career. But when irresistible, non-tour guide, Edmond Doucet, enters her life and seduces her with his smoldering blue eyes, then all games are off. That is, until she discovers his secret.

Edmond Doucet wants Bree. In his arms and in his bed. He doesn't care which comes first as long as he has her, but when he learns who her business meeting is with, things get complicated.

The Scavenger Hunt series is intended for an 18+ audience and contains lots of raunchy love scenes. If you’re a family member and want to keep the image in your head that I’m sweet and would never have naughty thoughts, then I’d advise you not to read these books. I’m an introvert—big difference.

Chapter One

Bree stared at the card. Why had she agreed to be a part of Dakota's ridiculous scavenger hunt? The game: draw a scrabble tile to see who was going on a quest that month. Next, draw a card from a deck with men wearing clothes depicting their profession. The rules: You have one month to seduce a man from that profession. The consequences: if you don't follow through, you have to spend two weeks on an island with no internet, a killer for all their careers. The reason for the game: Dakota was horny and said they all needed a goal.

Really? And she’d agreed to do this?

Bree had to admit that all of them were good at goals. Their objectives usually pertained to the business side of their lives, though. They had little time for affairs or seduction. Dakota said they needed to make time or end up old and lonely and probably start adopting homeless cats. Bree was actually a dog person. Cats were snotty.

Drat, she didn't want to go on a quest to find the perfect man. She bit her bottom lip. Or did she? She loved her friends, but she knew something more awaited her. As if that something was so close, she could almost grasp it. Before she could, the feeling quickly slipped away, leaving her frustrated. She could describe her soulmate with one word, elusive. Never to be found.

“Well, what card did you draw?” Abbie asked.

“Yes, show us the card,” the others chimed in.

Bree glanced around the table. Josie, Samantha, and Candace all had good luck on their scavenger hunt, but who was to say she would? Or Dakota? Or Abbie? It hadn’t come around to their turn yet.

“You have to share,” Samantha drawled.

Bree tossed the card face up on the table.

Josie picked it up. “A tour guide. The man on the card is a tour guide. Interesting.”

“Aren’t you leaving town in a few days?” Dakota asked.

Cold chills popped up on Bree's arms. Their game was starting to scare her just a little. Josie found her cowboy, Candace, her fisherman, and, okay, so maybe Samantha hadn't found her plumber, but oh my, she'd hit the jackpot with Derek. Maybe the cards were more than a regular deck. She was going to New Orleans in a few days, except she planned to rent a car and go sightseeing on her own, though. Finding a tour guide might prove…interesting.

“Well, are you?” Abbie prodded.

Bree looked at her. “Am I what?”

Abbie let out an exasperated sigh. “Leaving in a few days?”

She nodded. “I’m meeting with a fashion designer. Maurice Bouchard. He’s the hotshot designer Enchantment has been trying to snag for months, but he's very particular about who he deals with. The boutique that carries his designer clothes sold out to a company he doesn't care for, so he's shopping for another one.
“A friend of a friend convinced him to at least talk to a representative from Enchantment. Jeanie would've gone herself, but her daughter is due any day now, and it has been a complicated pregnancy. You should see the list of dos and don'ts she's given me while I'm in New Orleans.” Bree chuckled. “I asked her if I should sleep with Mr. Bouchard and see if that would help. I swear, she thought about it, then said she was pretty sure he was old or gay or something. There’s very little known about the man.”

Dakota gave Bree the once over. "You have all the right stuff to make men drool, no matter their sexual orientation, and their age isn't even a factor. They all lust after you. Why shouldn't they? Just look at you." She ticked off the list on her fingers. "Pale blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, petite figure, you're gorgeous, you have killer legs, and you can wear stilettos as if they were the comfiest house shoes. I say go for it."

Bree laughed. "I'm not about to send anyone into therapy." She picked up the card and stared at it. For a brief moment, she could've sworn she felt a tingle—nonsense, of course. "If I can get this meeting over as soon as possible, it might be worth taking a few tours to see New Orleans. I’ve always wanted to go there.”

Josie laughed. “They have voodoo. Make sure you don’t get hexed or something.”

“They also have love potions,” Abbie sighed.

Love potion. Now that was an idea. Slip a couple of drops into someone's drink, and they would fall helplessly in love with her. Having anyone who would give her unconditional love would be nice.

Sometimes she thought her parents had forgotten they gave birth to her. They were so caught up in their world of archeological digs and traveling the world that they often forgot her birthday or a holiday. Her wealthy grandmother primarily raised her. Actually, a stream of nannies until she outgrew them.

Grandmother's social calendar was always full.

To be honest, her parents had sent a Christmas card last year, and they did occasionally call to see if she needed money. Her smile was sad. No, she didn't need money. She needed them to tell her they loved her, except she'd given up on that long ago.

She glanced at the card. A tour guide. Maybe she would meet the man of her dreams. Stranger things had happened.