USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

One last job and she’s out of the family business…

It’s a good plan. Get in, grab the jewelry, and get the hell out. Piper Lewis knows the layout of Cason Wilde’s place, and where the safe is located. Technically, she’s not a thief. She’s a retrieval expert, except the law probably won’t see it like that. It’s still breaking and entering.

One small glitch: Piper didn’t plan on Cason catching her in the middle of the job. Tall, dark, sexy-as-hell, and not at all happy to see her with her hand in his safe. Brandishing her little bitty gun only ticks him off more. So, yes, when he charges her, it’s a natural reaction that her finger jerk. She only grazes him, but he can’t seem to remember what happened, and he thinks Piper is his ex-girlfriend!

Now, Piper’s stuck playing nursemaid to someone because she’s consumed with guilt. New plan: as soon as his memory returns, she’ll make good her escape.

No more guilt trip. What could possibly go wrong?