USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

Socialite Darcy Spencer loves her early morning walks, until a ferocious wolf steps onto the path in front of her. Well, she's not Little Red Riding Hood!

Before she can run, a strange fog rolls in. Trembling and fearing for her life, she grabs a stick and as the fog clears, she clobbers the wolf. Except it isn't the wolf she hits, but a very hot looking man who happens to be completely naked, and now he's unconscious.

She'd recently asked a friend if there were any heroes left, then along comes a man, who apparently scared off the wolf, and what does she do? Nearly kills him.


Surlock remembers his name and the warrior woman who hit him, but that's all. Not that she looks like a warrior. No, she's all soft curves with a guilty flush staining her cheeks.

She insists he stay in the guest house until he regains his memory. That's fine with him since he can't remember anything.


But as flashes of his memory return, Darcy begins to wonder why he would think she might be in danger. Exactly who were her biological parents? Will she be able to discover her past before the threat becomes real?

The Wolf Prince is the third book in USA Today Bestselling author Karen Kelley's Prince's of Symtaria series featuring a race of sexy shape shifters. They are all full-length, standalone, fast paced, shape shifter romances with a twist and a whole lot of snarky humor that'll have you laughing out loud, and no cliffhanger.