USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

A sexy, naked man literally drops out of thin air and lands in front of Ria while she’s out running. Well, that’s what it seems like at the time.

One moment there’s a hawk, then a mysterious fog rolls in, and in the next instant there’s a naked man telling her that he’s Prince Kristor from the planet Symtaria and he’s here to take her back with him.

Not in this lifetime! She maces him and runs away.

Kristor probably could’ve handled their first meeting a little better. His animal guide agrees. Everyone expects too much of him. He’s a warrior and words don’t come easy to him. He must convince Ria she’s in danger and take her back to his planet where he can protect her.

Ria can't believe this is happening. Rather than lock Kristor up, the small town sheriff takes a liking to him. Of course,

Kristor doesn’t tell anyone else he’s an alien.
But when he starts to make sense, and even proves he can shape shift, then she has to reassess her beliefs. Surely he doesn’t expect her to shift into a falcon. She’s terrified of flying, and her fear is a real phobia.

But when men suspiciously arrive saying they’re immigration, and then take Kristor into custody, will she be able to shift to her animal guide if it means saving his life?

The Falcon Prince is the second book in USA Today Bestselling author Karen Kelley’s Prince's of Symtaria series. A full-length, standalone, fast paced, shape shifter romance with a twist and a whole lot of snarky humor and no cliffhanger.