USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

Scavenger Hunt Series

Book Three

The Scavenger Hunt Game Rules: Draw a card. Seduce the man. End of game.
Consequences for failure: Two weeks on a remote island with no internet—a career killer.
The Player: Candace

The scavenger hunt game is crazy! Draw a card and that's the man you have to seduce. A fisherman? Really? Candace hates the outdoors!

When she finally makes her way up the winding Tennessee mountainside and gets one look at Kash Proctor carrying a stringer of fish, she's pretty sure she could do him.

Kash has had it with Mr. Waters' ploy to buy him out, but he'd never guessed the man devious enough to send this hot city girl to what--seduce him? Nope, she can just turn her cute little ass around and go right back down the mountain.

With her rental car kaput, and the snow coming down faster and harder, going back down the mountain is too treacherous. But just the two of them alone in an isolated cabin might prove pleasure always comes before business.

The Scavenger Hunt series is intended for an 18+ audience and contains lots of raunchy love scenes. If you’re a family member and want to keep the image in your head that I’m sweet and would never have naughty thoughts, then I’d advise you not to read these books. I’m an introvert—big difference.

Chapter One

“I’m not sure Samantha actually paid the penalty,” Dakota said as she looked around the table at the other four women.

“Works for me,” Josie chimed in. "She didn't seduce a plumber, but she's spending two weeks on an island with no internet."

“Only because they don’t have the satellite in place yet,” Bree logically concluded, then sighed. “Can you even imagine an island where every sexual fantasy is only limited by your imagination?”

Abby sighed. “Samantha can have sex. Lots of sex. I’ve forgotten what sex is like.”

“I’m not even sure I’d recognize a dick if it popped out of some guy’s pants,” Dakota grumbled.

Josie snickered. “I’ll draw a picture if you’d like.”

“Who even has time for sex?” Candace said, then grimaced. “My boss has me stuck behind a desk all day. I’d like a weekend to myself where I don’t have to do anything at all. Just relax.” The idea of luxuriating in a hot bubble bath, a glass of her favorite Moscato, and aromatic candles softly scenting the room with hints of cloves, oranges, and pumpkin was almost too much to imagine. She could get used to that. Not that she would let herself relax. She wasn't like the others—born into a life of luxury. Her college education consisted of a pile of unpaid student loans. She put on a good front, though. If there was a deal to be found in a thrift store, she’d find it.

“Can we get on with the scavenger hunt?” Dakota asked. She shook the bag of tiles, then reached in and pulled out a letter. “Really? An X. The hunt was my idea!” She slumped in her chair.

Bree chose next. “L,” she said.

Abby picked R. “That lets me out this time.”

Candace reached in. She looked at her letter for a few seconds before setting it face up on the table. “C. It would seem I’m next."

Josie shuffled the cards. "I swear there's something magical about these cards. Look what they've done for Samantha and me." She fanned them out on the table in front of Candace. "Pick your poison."

"Poison might be right," Candace muttered. What the hell had she gotten herself into? When Dakota came up with the idea they should have a scavenger hunt for a wild night of sex, it sounded kind of kinky and fun. Now that it was her turn, she wasn't so sure she could go through with it. Except they were all waiting for her to choose, and if she didn't, the penalty was a remote island with no internet. They'd all worked hard for their careers. That would be a killer. Not that hers was quite as important as theirs, but someday it would be.

Okay, so here goes. She took a deep breath. Her hand hovered over the cards. She paused at one, almost turned it over, then changed her mind and moved down the row. She hesitated, then put her finger on the card and slid it forward.

“She has chosen, “Abby stated dramatically.

“Show us,” Josie said.

Candace flipped the card face up.

Samantha chuckled.

“Weren’t you just saying how tired you are of being cooped up in your office?” Bree asked sweetly.

Candace cast a look in Bree's direction that should have had the other girl slinking down in her chair. Bree grinned and, if anything, sat straighter. "What I wanted was a weekend at home, soaking in a tub of bubbles and drinking wine.”

“The cards have a way of leading us to our destiny,” Jo solemnly spoke.

"That's bullshit, and you know it," Candace told her. "You and Samantha got lucky." She picked up the card and stared at it. A sexy guy wearing a hat with fishhooks stuck in it and carrying a fishing pole stared back at her. She could do him, outdoorsman, or not. In her apartment, not like in the woods or anything. How the hell was she going to find a fisherman?