Temperature's Rising
Temperature's Rising

Forbidden Fruit…

​How the hell was undercover cop, Conor Richmond, to know the prostitute he arrests is the chief’s daughter when her skirt is ripped dangerously high and showing a pair of sexy legs, or that she has a nervous habit of twisting off the top button of her shirts. She certainly didn’t look like a real estate agent selling property to a client whose first name was John.

​She’s a cop, too? No way. He certainly doesn’t want to play house with her in an undercover sting operation after her cousin tells Conor she’s practically nun material.

​…tastes the sweetest

​Jessica Nelson has to admit the new cop is deliciously hot, but he acts as though she has a wart on her nose or something. Not that she wants to date him or anything. Nope, she’s trying to distance herself away from police work and cops in general. She only agreed to go undercover because her father’s job is on the line.
But can they keep their distance when the temperature starts to rise?


Jessica Nelson was out to impress only one person today. It was going to be a damn good impression. She wouldn’t settle for anything less.

​She adjusted her rearview mirror and caught a glimpse of her reflection. One eyebrow cocked upward. She could easily see herself as the poster girl for female real estate agents across the country. I am woman, hear me roar!

​J​ohn Bitters would make an offer for the property and she’d prove to her family once and for all she could make it in a job outside law enforcement, the fire department and the blasted medical field. She’d turned in her badge...and made the right decision.

​Her hands tightened on the steering wheel. Yes, it was the right decision.

​“You are a female,” she told herself with conviction. “No more uniforms. No more guns. No more being Jess, one of the guys.” She drew in a deep breath—just like the spiritualist had taught her on the discounted CD she’d found in a bookstore bin. “Yom-da-da-da-da-da.”

​This was her day to shine.

​POP! Psssssstttttttt! Thump—thump—thump—thump...

​She flinched. Or maybe not.

​Damn! Not today. She slapped her turn signal on and limped her car into a vacant parking lot. No, not today of all days. She eased her foot down on the brake and when the car jerked to a stop, shifted into Park. Great, she thought as she glanced around. The streets were practically deserted on this side of town, and she knew why: broken windows, bottles and graffiti decorated the buildings. If she called a service station it would be at least an hour before anyone showed up.

​One glance at her watch and she began twisting the top button on her blouse. She was supposed to meet John in ten minutes. She had everything timed so she wouldn’t appear overeager to sale him the property. Now, she was going to be late.

​Deep breaths. Calm. She closed her eyes. “Yom-da-da-da...”

​Oh, screw it. She’d just change the damn tire and if she was late, she’d apologize. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t changed a tire before. Maybe growing up with mostly male cousins and a brother hadn’t been that horrible.

​​She’d come away with a few useful talents.

​She opened the door, grabbed her keys out of the ignition, and hit the button that popped the trunk. Good thing she had a spare—even if it was the doughnut. The smaller tire would get her to her appointment, then to a service station.

​She cringed as she strode past the flat tire. They were practically new.

​Once she was at the back of the car, she raised the trunk and leaned inside, flipping aside the gray carpet so she could get to the spare. You’d think the manufacturer would...

​“Hey, baby. I like what you’re showing me so far, but I think you can do better than that.”


"Karen Kelley’s latest offering, TEMPERATURE’S RISING, doesn’t hold back on the sexual tension. The pages sizzle from start to finish. Conor and Jessica are like oil and water, yet the reader just cannot wait to see how long it will take them to realize they are crazy about each other. This is the reason I read romance. Thanks Karen for dishing out a lively, character driven romance that keeps you up until the wee hours!"

​Reviewed By Tracy Farnsworth, Roundtable Reviews.

​​"Temperature’s Rising is a comical book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Karen Kelley always manages to blend humor with realistic characters to deliver an unforgettable story. The secondary characters add to the amusement as the antics of Jessica and her family are laugh out loud funny. Temperature’s Rising is fun to read as you are just waiting to see how long Jessica and Connor can keep their hands off each other. There’s sexual tension galore, but when these two finally come together, it’s well worth the wait. The sub plot is interesting but it’s truly the characters and humor that make this a great read. I always enjoy Karen Kelley’s books; I enthusiastically wait for what she thinks up next!" -- 5 Angels! Jaymi, Fallen Angel Reviews.
"Kelley’s light, feel-good romance is a perfect blend of humor, family congeniality, and sexy intimacy."

​​Diana Tixier Herald, Booklist.

​"TEMPERATURE'S RISING by Karen Kelley is a funny, sexy romp between two strong minded individuals Jessica and Conor. You will laugh out loud at the way her father tries to play matchmaker. He is sure that Conor is the man who will make Jessica the perfect husband and give him more grandchildren. I really loved TEMPERATURE'S RISING, I know you will be like me and unable to put the book down until the last page." --

​​Barb Hicks.

​"Temperature’s Rising had me laughing from the first chapter, and I never stopped. Conor and Jess were fun characters that drew you in. Jess tries to come to terms with just what she wants out of life and exactly what she wants from Conor. For his part, Conor is a sexy hero with his sights set on Jess. Add to this the secondary characters of Jess’ family, the simmering sensuality between Jess and Conor, and the criminals next door, and Temperature’s Rising is perfect for an afternoon of fun, romantic reading. Romance lovers can’t go wrong with Temperature’s Rising!"

​​Melissa Nix, Joyfully Reviewed.

​"TEMPERATURE’S RISING is an excellent book that will keep readers turning the pages and holding their sides with laughter. Jessica is a strong willed woman who does just the opposite of what she’s told. Conor is the sensual southerner who antagonizes Jessica on every hand. Some of this couple’s interactions are so funny, but the sparks that fly could light up a stadium. Karen Kelley has created a wonderful plot with characters that readers won’t forget, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. 4.5" -- Angel, Romance Junkies.
"Temperature's Rising is one of the funniest whodunit's I've ever read in my life. It's a page-turner from beginning to end with memorable characters and a hot love story. Karen Kelley is romance's rising funny girl. I absolutely loved it!"

Sharon Sala,
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