USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

Forbidden Fruit…

How the hell was undercover cop, Conor Richmond, to know the woman he arrests is the chief’s daughter when her skirt is ripped dangerously high and showing a pair of sexy legs, or that she has a nervous habit of twisting off the top button of her shirt. She didn’t look like a real estate agent selling property to a client whose first name was John. Nope, she looked like a high dollar hooker.

She’s a cop, too? No way. He definitely doesn’t want to play house in an undercover sting operation with the chief's sultry, very tempting, daughter.

Or maybe he does, and that's where the problem lies.

…tastes the sweetest

Jessica Nelson has to admit the new cop is deliciously hot. Not that she wants to date him or anything. Nope, she’s trying to distance herself away from police work and cops in general. She only agrees to go undercover because her father’s job is on the line. So, sex is out of the question.

Absolutely. Not going to happen.

But can they keep their distance when the temperature starts to rise?