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Karen Kelley


I like my salsa the same way I like my women—hot! But nothing can prepare me for Makenna. She’s stubborn, reckless, and lives for the challenge. Oh hell, she reminds me of me.

I have a feeling moving her to the more experienced group of hikers bound for the backcountry is a bad idea, but I can’t come up with a reason not to.


Not touch his salsa? I’ll prove to Nash that I can handle anything he can dish out. I admit, I didn’t expect his salsa to be habanero hot. So what do I do? I eat a little more!

Sometimes I don’t think before I act, but I will not back down from a challenge. Tell me I can’t do something and I’m all over it.

But when unexplained accidents start to happen, the small group suddenly faces challenges they hadn't expected.