USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

Raised on the bayou, deep in the Louisiana swamps to keep her safe, Jody Dupree is gifted with what Mamere calls second sight. As Jody gets older, the visions get stronger. Like tonight, she knows something is going to happen. This birthday is going to be different from all her other birthdays.
Logan Hart is a damn good reporter and currently working on a series of articles where his readership challenges him to do ten jobs. Not the most brilliant idea he’s ever had, but who knew a traveling, all male, strip show would be touring the country and New Orleans was on their list? Or that he would end up spending the night with the sexy lady in the front row, but when she sneaks out of the motel room in the wee hours of the morning, he's left with only her first name, a sweet memory, and wondering about the haunted look he saw lurking in the depths of her beautiful blue eyes. The reporter in him senses a story, but will he ever find her again?
When someone from Jody’s past reappears, all their lives will be put in danger. She cheated death once, has the Grim Reaper finally come to collect?

This is the second book in the Southern Series. Set in New Orleans and the Louisiana swamps, voodoo and things that go bump in the night, this book will draw you in and won’t let go. Pick up your copy of this action-packed, romantic suspense today!