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Karen Kelley

Meeting Lily was the worst mistake Macey ever made after she ran away from an abusive foster home. She was almost fourteen and Lily promised so much if she joined the Circle of Friends. Back then, she didn’t know about cults and how they preyed on the young and innocent. How they would offer her everything missing in her life.

When she attempts to run away, Isaiah also teaches her about the consequences of disobedience.

Now, Macey has no choice. She has to escape. She won’t let the same thing that happened to her, also happen to her daughter. There’s only one problem, her daughter is thirteen, and she’s been brainwashed into the ways of the Friends.

Only one person can help, but will he even remember her?
Samson always cared for Macey, but she was still just a kid. He had to give her time to grow up. That was the reason he joined the military at seventeen. Four years later, he goes in search of her, only to discover she ran away.

When Macey shows up on his doorstep years later, desperate for his help, and with more pain in her eyes than one person should have to bear, he doesn’t even consider telling her no.

The special ops team Samson works with step in to help rescue Macey’s daughter. Samson quickly discovers that’s only the beginning of his problems as he starts to unravel secrets that could get them all killed.


Sinner: Bound by Loyalty Honor Truth
Book Two