Book Six in the
Scavenger Hunt
Run away! Don’t look back! The words pound inside her head…

​For the first time in twenty-eight years, Abbie Sinclair is free from the life her parents mapped out for her. Not playing the scavenger

​​hunt game that her friends invented was a godsend. She chose to pay the penalty and stay two weeks on an island without cell

​​service or internet. When she discovers the man who once betrayed her love and broke her heart is also on the island, her courage

​​quickly deserts her.

​What goes around…

​Sparks fly when Tony and Abbie meet again. He has to wonder if fate has offered her up on a silver platter. She was the rich kid who

​​crossed the tracks to venture onto the wild side of town. Dating the bad boy motorcycle guy must have really been a thrill. When

​​things got too hot, she left quick enough and let mommy and daddy clean up her mess.

​​But neither one of them can know what lengths someone will go to keep them apart—even murder.

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​     Abbie’s parents would be furious. A laugh that was part fear and part dread bubbled out. She would be lucky if they were only


     ​​Her hands began to tremble. She gripped the handles on her white purse just a little tighter, twisting the leather straps back and


​     When she was eight, they agreed to let her have a puppy, but only on the condition she had to take care of it. One morning she

​​forgot to let Scooter outside where he stayed in his pen during the day. When she came in from school that afternoon, her parents

​​informed her that they had taken him to the pound. She’d never asked for another pet.

     ​Abbie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. They were why she was running away. No, not running away. Twenty-eight year old

​​women did not run away. She rubbed a weary hand across her forehead. She just couldn’t go along with their plan another day for how

​​she should live her life.

     ​The ocean spray caressed her face like a gentle rain. Calm stole over her. Maybe for the first time in her life she was doing

​​something right. And if she was totally screwing up everything, well, so be it.

     ​“There’s the island, missy,” the captain of the mid-sized boat pointed out.

     ​She opened her eyes and glanced around. The island came into view with palm trees, their fronds swaying in the light breeze, and

​​white sandy beaches, just like the pictures in the brochure.

     ​A shiver of trepidation rippled over her. Or maybe it was anticipation. She was free. Only for the next two weeks, but there was no

​​internet and no phone service. Even if her parents discovered where she was, they wouldn’t be able to call and ask if she was losing

​​her mind. They couldn’t badger her for leaving the job they’d chosen for her, or the congressman they’d decided she would marry,

​​complete with the engagement announcement in all the papers.

     ​Abbie had met Richard Benton a few times at her parents’ parties. He was rich, old money, of course. Older than her by fifteen

​​years. The whole time they’d talked, he bragged about working out. Sure, he had a good build, but as far as she was concerned, that

​​was all he had going for him. When she’d first met him there’d been something in his eyes that reminded her of her parents. Something

​​just as cruel, just as controlling.

​​     Abbie couldn’t do it. She’d left her parents a voice mail. Yes, she knew it was the cowards’ way out. So what else was new? She’d

​​never been able to stand up to them. That was why her life was in the toilet. Maybe over the next two weeks she’d be able to figure out

​​exactly what she wanted.

     ​The boat slowed, pulling up to the dock. A young man and woman waited to assist. The young man wore shorts and a t-shirt, no

​​shoes. Their skin tones were a beautiful golden bronze. The young woman wore a flowered sarong, a lei of colorful flowers around her

​​neck, and a pink tropical flower behind her ear. She wasn’t wearing shoes, either. They both looked young, maybe eighteen.

     ​Welcome to island life.

     ​Abbie realized just how overdressed she was in a white pencil skirt, pale blue silk blouse and a white jacket. At least she’d chosen

​​white flats rather than heels. The couple on the dock both wore welcoming smiles, and her tenseness began to ease. Who cared how

​​she was dressed, she was on her first vacation all by herself.

     ​As soon as the boat stopped, the captain grabbed Abbie’s two suitcases and handed them to the man on the dock, then turned to


     ​“Be careful, Missy. The boat will rock a little when you stand.”

     ​He held out his hand. She gathered her satchel of art supplies, her purse, and took his hand. His grip was firm as she stood. He was

​​right, the boat rocked just a bit. She waited a moment until she got her bearings, then stepped onto the dock. As soon as she was

​​clear, the young man jumped into the boat and began unloading the supplies that had also come with them.

     ​“Welcome to Waterfall Island,” the young girl said. Her English was perfect but Abbie detected a slight accent. She took the lei from

​​around her neck and placed it over Abbie’s head. The scent of the flowers wafted up to her. “They smell wonderful and the necklace is

​​beautiful. Thank you.”

     ​The young girl’s smile broadened. “My grandmother makes them. I’ll take you to your hut.” They each grabbed a suitcase and began

​​walking up the beach toward the green grass. “I’m called Malia. If you require anything during your stay, please ask any of the staff and

​​we will assist. That was my twin brother, Paavo. He will bring the supplies to the main house.”

     ​She’d thought they must be related. They looked too much alike. “I’m Abbie.”

     ​She could feel the energy of the island. There was something about this place that spoke to her. As if she was coming home. She

​​almost laughed at her foolish thoughts. She was just absorbing the calmness of the surf as it gently rolled onto the beach, the scent of

​​the tropical flowers, the vibrant colors. She glanced once more toward the boat as she stood on the grassy knoll.

     ​Her breath caught in her throat. A man was walking on the beach. He wore only a pair of white shorts. She couldn’t quite make out

​​his face but he had the body of a man who regularly worked out. She didn’t think he was an islander. A visitor? His skin was tanned, but

​​not like Malia, different somehow. He turned and started toward them. Abbie’s mouth suddenly went dry.

     ​“That is the owner,” Malia told her. “He is a very good man as well as very handsome. Be careful though, he breaks many hearts.”

     ​“I’m not looking for an island romance,” she told Malia. Not that she would turn one down. It had been a long time since she’d even

​​been on a date. She’d almost forgotten how it felt to have a man pull her close, lower his lips to hers… She shook away the vision that

​​clouded her brain. Freedom must be going to her head. Her dates were all duds.

     ​As the man came closer she felt a vague sense of recognition. That was crazy, of course. She didn’t know anyone on the island,

​​especially the owner. Still, she couldn’t shake the feeling. Then it dawned on her who he reminded her of. For just a moment old

​​memories flooded her mind. The schoolgirl crush, the way he made her feel when he pulled her close, when his lips brushed across

​​hers. She drew in a shaky breath.

     ​Knowing that fate couldn’t be this cruel didn’t stop her heart from pounding the closer he got, until he stopped in front of her.

     ​“Hello, Abbie. It’s been a long time.”

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