USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

Six women tempt the fates and play the scavenger hunt game. Would you take the dare and turn over a card?

How could Josephine draw a cowboy card? She's Dallas culture and he's Fort Worth country. The rules of the game say she has to seduce him or pay the consequences. Ride 'em Cowboy?

Samantha has kept her deepest, darkest desires hidden but they'll soon become exposed when she plays the scavenger hunt game.

Candace hates the outdoors! So why a fisherman card? But when she gets one look at sexy Kash Proctor---she's pretty sure she's caught the big one.

Bree Evans is on a mission to find a tour guide. But when irresistible Edmond Doucet, enters her life and seduces her with his smoldering blue eyes, then all games are off. That is, until she discovers his secret.

Dakota Warren started the game, so she has to play. How can she even think about seducing a nerd when sexy playboy actor, Jake Collier, is pursuing her like Susan Lucci after an Emmy?

Abbie Sinclair won't play the game. The penalty: stay two weeks on an island without cell service or internet. That's okay with her, until she discovers the man who once betrayed her love and broke her heart is also there.

18+ recommended. Some of these stories are super steamy. Some will have you laughing out loud. Read at your own risk.