USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

Kaci Melton is in big trouble. Her dad is out of town on a job, and Guido wants the money her father borrowed. She needs a place to hide, at least until her father can pay Guido the money he owes him. She decides to make good on the contract her father took to rid some nerdy professor of his ghost.

Problem solved.

Except she’s terrified of ghosts and usually just works behind a desk at her father’s business. There’s also one other teensy problem. The professor is anything but nerdy. As in, she’d do the sexy prof in a heartbeat. Well, except the angry poltergeist is about to prove she’s a fraud. Sometimes you just have to face your fears and pull on your big girl panties!

When history professor, Peyton Cache, buys the old Victorian house he has a lot of renovation plans, but what he doesn’t plan on is the resident ghost who wants him out of there. This can't be happening. He has to host an important faculty dinner in a few weeks, which includes the stodgy president of the university. He can’t have the angry specter dropping globs of green slime everywhere.

So, he hires a company to rid him of this nuisance, except Peyton doesn’t expect a leggy, off-the-charts hot, brunette to move in with him, especially one with a sarcastic attitude. As long as she can get rid of the ghost, he can put up with anything.

Warning: This book is sizzling hot and hilariously funny. There are no cliffhangers and of course, there’s a happily ever after. This book is better read by 18 and older (Yes, it's that freakin' hot!)