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Karen Kelley

Not My Type

I should’ve known my life was never going to be perfect. I could hope, though. Right? I mean, here I am creating the most spectacular party for an adorable ten year old that is going to jumpstart my wobbly party planning business because he’s the nephew of Marcus Stone. The Marcus Stone, real estate mogul, aka egotistical jerk. Absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Except Marcus startles me while I happen to be holding the golden, helium-inflated, birthday numbers and I loose my grip on the number one. You see, it was all innocent enough. I didn’t mean to let go of it. Now there’s a humongous golden one that resembles a male appendage floating around to who knows where, and a very disgruntled uncle.

So much for my career.


Maybe the number one, which looks more like a golden phallus is sort of funny, especially since it floated away from the party. Evie is also kind of cute. Okay, sexy as hell, but I doubt I’ll be needing her services in the future.

Until my parents and grandmother arrive. My mother reminds me that my grandmother is on borrowed time and would love to see me settled down.

It’s just a small lie. If telling her I’m in love with the party planner will make her last days easier, it’s a small price to pay.

But I never expected so many consequences from one...little...lie…