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Karen Kelley

Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind
Nerakian Quest Book One

Sheriff Mason McKinley has his hands full after the town nutcase reports a UFO crashing near Devil’s Bend. When Mason investigates, he doesn’t find little green men, instead he finds a very sexy female stumbling around in the dark, and apparently, she has amnesia.

Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award Nominee!
Finalist in the Greater Detroit Booksellers Best Contest!
Second Place Winner in the FTHRW Lories Contest!
Finalist in the Passionate Ink Passionate Plume Contest!
Romantic Times 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick!

Earth Guys are Easy
Nerakian Quest Book Two

Undercover cop Nick Scericino always attracts the wrong kind of female. He’s pretty sure his luck hasn’t changed when a sexy young lady strolls into the backwoods bar during a sting operation and all hell breaks loose.

"This is a highly entertaining story full of fun and romance. It’s also intensely sensual and erotic. I adore Kia. She is innocent and sweet and yet very seductive and Nick is incredibly sexy and gorgeous. I really enjoyed it and I Joyfully Recommend it!" -- Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed.

Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy
Nerakian Quest Book Three

Undercover cop, Sam Jones, is ready for his vacation, but his plans never included taking an uppity female alien to his cabin deep in the piney woods of Texas. How could he know a Healer would act so damned superior?

"This third book in the Nerakian Quest series is hysterically funny, with crazy alien antics, a surprise character cameo and literal out-of-this-world lovemaking. Readers will laugh out loud at the latest Nerakian desires and distractions and be pleased with the plethora of details finally revealed about Nerak." -- Jennifer Maddsen, Romantic Times reviewer.

Dating Outside Your DNA
Nerakian Quest Book Four

Special Intergalactic agent Roan Hendrix will train anyone if it’ll get him off the injured list and back on active duty. Until he discovers the trainee is only half Nerakian, with no warrior training, and has lived most of her life in seclusion. Not to mention that he wants to take her to bed the moment he sees her.

"...In her trademark style Karen Kelley has crafted a story that has elements for every reader, from the humor to the steamy encounters..." Cryna Palmiere, reader reviewer