The Scavenger Hunt Game: Draw a card. Seduce the man

The Player: Dakota Warren

     She started the game so she has to play except

​​the guy on the card is a nerd. How can she even

​​think about seducing a nerd when sexy playboy

​​actor, Jake Collier, is pursuing her like Susan Lucci

​​after an Emmy. Not gonna happen! She's sworn off

​​the one-night-stand lifestyle.

     Jake Collier knows he has a love 'em and leave

​​'em reputation but he wants Dakota and he's

​​determined to have her. Dakota says he's not in

​​the cards but he might just be her ace in the hole.

Chapter One

     ​“I’m pretty sure the card I was supposed to draw was not this guy,” Dakota glared at the card that was still face up on the

​​table, then at the other five women trying to hold back their amusement.

     ​“How nice. How very, very nice,” Samantha drawled.

​     Abbie stifled a laugh.

​     Dakota turned her fiercest gaze on her soon-to-be ex friends. If anything, it seemed to amuse them more.

     ​“The scavenger hunt was your idea,” Candace reminded her.

     ​“I know.” Dakota pushed her coal black hair behind her ears. Yes, she knew she’d convinced them all to draw a

​​scrabble tile and whoever drew the closest to an A went next. Then they had to draw a card that depicted a man wearing

​​the clothes of his profession.

​     She looked at the card again. The man had a pen holder in the pocket of his buttoned-all-the-way-up plaid shirt and he

​​wore coke bottle thick glasses. Really? She sniffed. “He’s a nerd! What the hell am I supposed to do with a nerd?” she


     ​“Corrupt him?” Jo innocently asked.

     ​“That was not funny.” Her friends weren’t at all helpful. “I doubt nerds even have sex.”

     ​“Well, you have one month to find out.” Bree said. “Or pay the consequences. Two weeks on an island with no


​     Dakota turned her attention to Bree, hoping to take it off herself. “You still haven’t told us how moving in with Edmond

​​is going.”

     ​Bree’s expression turned dreamy. That’s the kind of look Dakota wanted. She wasn’t like the others. She had frequent

​​sex, but she was tired of the one night stands, the meaningless sex. Shoot, she’d only started the game because she was

​​bored. Well that, and there had been something about the psychic who sold her the cards.

​     Dakota was smart, a business woman. Of course there was nothing special about them. But darn it, maybe she wanted

to believe the cards showed more than just men in their different professions. She wanted to believe the psychic was right

​​when she said they were special cards.

​     “Edmond is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man,” Bree said. Her forehead wrinkled. “It’s the oddest thing. We were

​​afraid to introduce his cat, Morticia, to my Smokey. His cat is so snotty that I was afraid Smokey would be traumatized. 

​​Pekingnese’s can be so emotional. Not these two. They act like they’ve always been the best of friends. Strangest thing

​​we’ve ever seen.”

​     “You’re meant to be together,” Abbie sighed.

     ​Dakota picked up her card again. “I have a feeling that old psychic who sold me these laughed for a month after I left.

​​     Gullible, that’s me.” She shook her head, staring at the card. “How could I draw a freakin’ nerd?” She wanted a

​meaningful relationship. She wanted someone who would be there when she came home at night. Someone she could

​​share things with. Okay, she was ready to admit she was lonely.

​     She sighed. Now it looked as though she’d be spending time on a remote island without internet.

​     No, she was going into this with a positive attitude. No more quickie relationships with men who only wanted sex. Sure,

​​she wanted sex, too, but she wanted it to mean something. The cards had been right so far. She would find true love.

​     Even if it killed her.