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The Scavenger Hunt Game: Draw a card. Seduce the man

The Player: Dakota Warren

     She started the game so she has to play except

​​the guy on the card is a nerd. How can she even

​​think about seducing a nerd when sexy playboy

​​actor, Jake Collier, is pursuing her like Susan Lucci

​​after an Emmy. Not gonna happen! She's sworn off

​​the one-night-stand lifestyle.

     Jake Collier knows he has a love 'em and leave

​​'em reputation but he wants Dakota and he's

​​determined to have her. Dakota says he's not in

​​the cards but he might just be her ace in the hole.

Chapter One

     ​“I’m pretty sure the card I was supposed to draw was not this guy,” Dakota glared at the card that was still face up on the

​​table, then at the other five women trying to hold back their amusement.

     ​“How nice. How very, very nice,” Samantha drawled.

​     Abbie stifled a laugh.

​     Dakota turned her fiercest gaze on her soon-to-be ex friends. If anything, it seemed to amuse them more.

     ​“The scavenger hunt was your idea,” Candace reminded her.

     ​“I know.” Dakota pushed her coal black hair behind her ears. Yes, she knew she’d convinced them all to draw a

​​scrabble tile and whoever drew the closest to an A went next. Then they had to draw a card that depicted a man wearing

​​the clothes of his profession.

​     She looked at the card again. The man had a pen holder in the pocket of his buttoned-all-the-way-up plaid shirt and he

​​wore coke bottle thick glasses. Really? She sniffed. “He’s a nerd! What the hell am I supposed to do with a nerd?” she


     ​“Corrupt him?” Jo innocently asked.

     ​“That was not funny.” Her friends weren’t at all helpful. “I doubt nerds even have sex.”

     ​“Well, you have one month to find out.” Bree said. “Or pay the consequences. Two weeks on an island with no


​     Dakota turned her attention to Bree, hoping to take it off herself. “You still haven’t told us how moving in with Edmond

​​is going.”

     ​Bree’s expression turned dreamy. That’s the kind of look Dakota wanted. She wasn’t like the others. She had frequent

​​sex, but she was tired of the one night stands, the meaningless sex. Shoot, she’d only started the game because she was

​​bored. Well that, and there had been something about the psychic who sold her the cards.

​     Dakota was smart, a business woman. Of course there was nothing special about them. But darn it, maybe she wanted

​​to believe the cards showed more than just men in their different professions. She wanted to believe the psychic was right

​​when she said they were special cards.

​     “Edmond is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man,” Bree said. Her forehead wrinkled. “It’s the oddest thing. We were

​​afraid to introduce his cat, Morticia, to my Smokey. His cat is so snotty that I was afraid Smokey would be traumatized. 

​​Pekingnese’s can be so emotional. Not these two. They act like they’ve always been the best of friends. Strangest thing

​​we’ve ever seen.”

​     “You’re meant to be together,” Abbie sighed.

     ​Dakota picked up her card again. “I have a feeling that old psychic who sold me these laughed for a month after I left.

​​     Gullible, that’s me.” She shook her head, staring at the card. “How could I draw a freakin’ nerd?” She wanted a

​​meaningful relationship. She wanted someone who would be there when she came home at night. Someone she could

​​share things with. Okay, she was ready to admit she was lonely.

​     She sighed. Now it looked as though she’d be spending time on a remote island without internet.

​     No, she was going into this with a positive attitude. No more quickie relationships with men who only wanted sex. Sure,

​​she wanted sex, too, but she wanted it to mean something. The cards had been right so far. She would find true love.

​     Even if it killed her.