USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

A vampire who walks away from commitment must protect his unruly queen from her enemies.

From USA Today Bestselling author Karen Kelley, comes the third book in the Forbidden Series, Forbidden Nights!

When the Queen of the vampires, Gwynne Dantes, descends upon New Orleans, Sandale must protect her from her enemies, and New Orleans from her. Once she learns Dominique’s blood can give her the gift of walking in the sunlight and eating real food a new world opens for her. How can she keep a low profile and act queenly when there is chocolate and ice cream and all manner of new things to try?

Sandale did not run to the front of the line when Gwynne decided she needed a protector. Sharing her bed is one thing because she's sexy and oh so tempting, but babysitting this haughty queen is another . Until two Elders arrive, and he doesn’t trust either one of them. Gwynne might be the most infuriating female he's ever encountered, but he can’t throw her to the wolves. No matter how much of a queen she is, Sandale sees her vulnerability and the danger around her.

As other vampires hear rumors of this miracle, they demand some of the magical elixir. Sandale and Gwynne are suddenly surrounded by people they cannot trust and it becomes more difficult to protect her.

As secrets long buried come to light, and choices have to be made, even Sandale wonders if he can protect Gwynne.

Pick up your copy of this steamy vampire romantic suspense that will have you laughing one minute and fanning yourself the next.

"Romances rising funny girl!" Sharon Sala

"Her stories are funny with the perfect blend of spice!" Gina Showalter