USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

A stubborn witch is forced to team up with an obstinate vampire in their quest to find the stolen Book of Spells that could destroy the witches.

When Logan’s grandfather is brutally murdered by a rogue vampire he must find the killer before the stolen Book of Spells leads him to the Blood Stone, which would destroy the witches, but after a week of searching, he has uncovered no clues and the council of witches and vampires bring in a tracker. Even as he argues he can find the killer on his own, his witch blood is stirred by the beautiful vampire. That alone was reason enough not to work with her. Too much of a distraction.

Makala isn’t just any vampire tracker. Before she was turned, she had the gift of second sight. After she was made vampire, her gift became stronger. It still doesn’t mean she wants to work with a stubborn witch. Especially one she’s attracted to. She prefers to work alone, but his witch spells and ability to read the witch signs might come in handy.
When she discovers the identity of the rogue vampire, she realizes they have a shared enemy in the murderer. Makala knows it won’t be easy stopping him, and could very well cost them their lives.

Forbidden Legacy is the second book in the Forbidden series. If you enjoy fast-paced, exciting adventure, witches and vampires, and a steamy love story, then pick up your copy of the latest in this paranormal series.