USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

Flock You!

Absolutely no one breaks up on December first! And my rent is coming due. I need a roommate—fast! My brother’s best friend needs a place to stay. Wasn’t he the nerd in college? Nope, got that wrong. He’s a walking, talking Greek God, and oh good Lord, he also brought along a horse he calls a puppy.

Flocked Up!

I’ll never forget the passionate night I spent with Sawyer. No, I really do mean never. That was the night I got pregnant. It was partly his demon beast cat’s fault. Now, almost nine months later I discover he’ll be my new boss. Awkward!

I Don’t Give A Flock!

So many whys in my life. Like why did I agree to babysit a dog? Why did I slide down my boss’ long, hard, bannister just as he walked in? Why did my hippie-wanna-be mother send me brownies from a specialty shop in California? And how did I end up in my boss’ bed the next morning wearing a wedding ring?

I have to warn readers, these three, full-length romantic comedies might make you laugh out loud. Possibly at inappropriate times. Within these pages there is a rather large dog with a gas problem, also at inappropriate times—like while in a crowded elevator.

There’s also a very sweet small dog, a demon beast cat, and a dog that doesn’t like a certain someone.

Add to the mix snarky heroines and hunky heroes and hopefully you’ll be entertained by these three books. These books are probably best read by +18 because they can get naughty at times. Hey, it’s their fault, not mine!