USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

Author Trent Sanders called her delusional! A fraud! Right on TV, in front of the whole world! Selena doesn't care how hot the guy is, she'll make him eat his words.

Except psychic Selena James doesn’t count on her mother seeing the interview, and in her daughter’s name, very publicly challenging Trent to stay two weeks in the abandoned Garvey hotel so Selena can prove she’s not a fraud.

So be it. Before the two weeks are up, she’ll prove ghosts exist. Hmm, at least, she hopes she can. Ghosts can be very stubborn, obstinate, manipulative…. This may be a very long two weeks.
No one can speak to the dead. If they say they can, Trent will expose them for the scam artists they are. Well known newspaper psychic Selena James is no exception.

But when she challenges him to stay two weeks in a supposedly haunted hotel, he'll make her pay. He doesn’t have time for this nonsense. By the end of their two weeks he’ll expose her for the fraud she is. But when he sees her in person, Trent thinks it might just be possible she can raise the dead.

Warning: This book is sizzling hot and hilariously funny. I mean think about it. They’re alone for two weeks in an abandoned hotel, except for some naughty, matchmaking ghosts. This is an enemies to lovers story with no cliffhangers and of course, there’s a happily ever after. This book is better read by 18 and older (Yes, it's that freakin' hot!).