Dating Outside You DNA

     Special agent Roan Hendrix will train anyone if it’ll get him off injured leave and back on active duty. Besides, Joe says she’s nerakian. Roan figures she’s a warrior. Even though they’ve never actually had a war on their planet, they still train. A week of his time at the most.

     ​Lyraka is more than happy to escapee the confines of her mother’s artist colony to train for the interplanetary elite force, but Joe failed to mention her trainer was obnoxious, stubborn and downright sexy. The solitude of her mother’s colony is starting to look better and better, and a whole lot safer.

     ​J​oe failed to explain to Roan that Lyraka is only half nerakian and the other half is earthling, and apparently he didn’t think it was important to mention she’s not a warrior and has in fact lived her life in seclusion. Joe could’ve at least told Roan that her abilities are heightened, rather than lessened, by her mixed blood. Joe also left out the fact she was the most mesmerizing, obstinate woman Roan would ever meet.

     ​How is Roan supposed to train someone as green as Lyraka? Especially when the stakes just went up.


Roan’s gaze slowly roamed over Lyraka in a way that made her body go from hot to hotter. He really, really shouldn’t look at her like that.

“That’s my job from now on,” Roan said. “Joe said your...abilities were different. That you needed more control and discipline.”

“My abilities?”

“Joe told me your skills weren’t the same as other Nerakians.” His gaze moved over her again. “I can’t see where you could be a national threat or anything. Most pure bred Nerakians don’t have much power, if you ask me.”

So Mr. Beacon hadn’t mentioned that instead of lessening her abilities because she was half earthling, her skills were greater than anyone could imagine. It would be interesting to see his reaction.

She sauntered closer to him. “I think it goes deeper than you not wanting to be stuck training me. You really don’t like me very much do you?”

His gaze dropped to her lips and she could almost feel the warmth of his brushing across hers, but then he frowned again. He did that a lot.

“I don’t have any feelings for you one way or another, lady.”

She could actually accept him not liking her. She wasn’t that crazy about him—only his body. It was time she got a little even, though.

“He was right you know,” she told him.

“Who was right?”

“Mr. Beacon. My abilities are different.”

“Whatever. I’ll check the upstairs. Don’t come up until I give the all clear.”

“I don’t take orders well.”

“It’s time you learned.” He walked to the steps, stopping halfway, and looking back at her. “I’m the boss while you’re here.” He turned and continued up the stairs.

Roan felt a brush of air and looked over his shoulder, his hand automatically reaching inside his jacket, resting on his gun, but the breeze hadn’t come from an opened door. He turned back around and saw Lyraka at the top of the stairs. His gaze jerked back to where she’d been standing, then back to the top of the stairs.

“Like I said,” Lyraka began, “I don’t take orders very well.” She sauntered toward her room.

How the hell had she made it past him! No one could move that fast. No one!

Crap! He should’ve made Joe explain more about Lyraka. Roan had assumed she’d be like all the others. He ran a hand through his hair. He had a feeling this assignment had just gotten a whole lot harder.
* * * * *


"Dating Outside Your DNA takes a hot and passionate love intergalactic and makes the universe a safer place to be at the same time. The gripping plot and characters make Dating Outside Your DNA a Joyfully Recommended book for me." -- Reviewer: Jo.

"...Kelley's light touch and humor are well on display in this latest in the Planet Nerak series." -- Michelle Wiener, Romantic Times.

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