Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind

     ​​There are no men on Mala’s home planet. Only robots to serve and satisfy, but after viewing her space-traveling grandmother’s

​​documentary about the planet Earth, and seeing Sheriff, the superb male specimen in the documentary, Mala knows she must break the

​​rules of forbidden space travel and see for herself what a real man is like.

     ​​Sheriff Mason McKinley has his hands full after the town nutcase reports a UFO crashing near Devil’s Bend. The idiot already has

​​three reporters from a national rag magazine convinced Big Foot is in the area. When he investigates, he doesn’t find little green men,

​​instead he finds a very sexy female stumbling around in the dark.

​​     Staying with Sheriff is the best solution. What wonderful things he has, like chocolate! It’s her duty to explore Sheriff’s planet…and

​​Sheriff. As long as the Elders don’t realize she’s gone, that is.


“I’m going crazy,” Mala murmured. Jumping to her feet, she strode to the plate glass window overlooking the pristine city surrounding her townhouse.

The planet Nerak, where the light never faded and everything was white. So horribly white—colorless, stark and cold. Just like everything on her planet.

“Would you like a hormone smoothie?” Barton asked over the monitoring system.

She stuck her tongue out. “No, I wouldn’t like a smoothie.”

A small aero unit whizzed past, rattling her window. Everything moved too fast. Instant gratification. Sad? Drink a happy smoothie. Tired? Drink an energy smoothie. Horny? Drink a hormone smoothie. Everything was a quick fix.

“You get this way every year. I’m only suggesting a smoothie because it usually calms you.”

She cocked an eyebrow. “Maybe because it has a sedative in it?”

“We could copulate.” A door that blended with the wall whisked silently open.

She turned as Barton stepped inside the room. He was like no other. Six feet three inches of rugged, sexy male. Blond hair, blue eyes...she should be happy. She should. Shouldn’t she?

Then why was she so frustrated!

“It’s been three years, twenty-one days, fourteen hours, twenty-two minutes and nine seconds since you’ve had an orgasm,” he informed her.

And he was driving her crazy. She didn’t want perfection, but Barton was exactly the way she’d ordered him. A gift from her cousin on Mala’s twenty-first birthday. Together they had chosen everything about him. He was their creation.

At the time, her older cousin, Kia, had been going through a rebellious period and had smuggled a catalog of male specimens into Mala’s apartment. Barton was born from a sketch they’d compiled.

But they had taken their creation a step further. They’d practically breathed life into him. At least, as much life as could be breathed into a companion unit. Barton had all the emotions of any Nerakian.

He was the perfect male.

He was still perfect five years later.

Everything about her life was perfect.

She hated it.


Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award Nominee!
Finalist in the Greater Detroit Booksellers Best Contest!
Second Place Winner in the FTHRW Lories Contest!
Finalist in the Passionate Ink Passionate Plume Contest!
Romantic Times 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick! "Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind is a close encounter of the hilarious kind. The heroine's nonchalant humor, her quirky mannerisms and her misconceptions about herself on Earth are hysterical. The romance heats up fast with shower scenes and sex toys and remains prevalent throughout. The desire to know what could possibly happen next will make it hard to put this book down." -- Jennifer Madsen, Romantic Times.
"I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING!! Karen Kelley has written a definite winner with Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind. One moment I was giggling and the next moment I was sweating from the steam generated between Mala and Mason. Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind is a wonderfully funny and sexy romance that readers will not want to miss!" -- Melissa, Joyfully Reviewed.

"Clever and fun; the brilliant cast of characters will have you laughing out loud. An original twist on the Alien premise, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE SEXY KIND is just that; sexy and engaging and full of life. Mala and Mason heat up the pages with their chemistry (lights flickering whenever they are together), and will have readers laughing at her naiveté and outspoken accounts of the hot sex they are having. Small town life gets much faster paced with snoopy reporters and nosy neighbors; all wanting to know about the newcomers and uncover their secrets. The secondary cast adds a sparkle to the story, with the romance between Barton (sent to bring Mala back to Nerak) and Carol an inspired addition. This is one of the most original and lively books I have read so far this year. Karen Kelly has a true gift; one that is certain to make her a reader favorite. This is her best book to date and has found a place on my coveted “keeper” shelf. Bravo!" -- Romance Designs, Reviewed by: Lettetia

"CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE SEXY KIND is one of the best books that this reviewer has ever read. She never had to so much fun while reading a book. Ms. Kelley has a really wicked sense of humor where the reader can’t help but start laughing. It is so funny to discover our world through Mala’s eyes or the cute misunderstandings she has with the English language. This book is a very unique, funny and sexy story. Ms. Kelley has really outdone herself with this book, her previous books were already great but this one really tops everything. Ms. Kelley is definitely an auto-buy author for this reviewer and she really hope that there will be many sequels to CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE SEXY KIND because this series is a real keeper! This reviewer can very highly recommend to every fan of funny and absolutely unique romance to buy this book, you really won’t be disappointed." -- 5 Hearts Love Romance, Reviewer: Danny
"This book practically screams "Karen Kelley" as you're reading - her wonderful sense of humor simply shines! It is cleverly written - fresh and inspired - a fun twist on the alien-comes-to-Earth notion... Ms. Kelley has a real talent for writing humor, and a knack for inserting it in all of the right places. I highly recommend this fun book for everyone who appreciates a light paranormal that is heavy on sensuality and passion..." 4.5 Blue Ribbons! Laurie D. Romance Junkies

"...This is the kind of book that you can’t put down! The characters are unique, the story has romance, heat and a funky sense of humor that will have you laughing out-loud! The secondary story is great too. I just love the way she heats up a sex scene and weaves the humor and heart in it..." N. Negron, A book lover

"Karen Kelley has hit a homerun with her latest contemporary romance...Be prepared to laugh out loud at the antics of all of the characters...If you haven't read a Kelley yet… you’re missing out. I highly recommend this writer and suggest you add her to your must read list!"

"I loved this one!!! Five star all the way." Reviewer: Kristi Ahlers

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