USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley


Badge of Honor Series

Book One

Makala thought she would be used to threats. Apparently not. When she captures James Ingram, there’s something about him that sets her on edge. Serial killers are just one of the drawbacks to being a U.S. Marshal.

But does Makala have to take crap from one of her own as well? When she heads to South Dakota to bring in a fugitive on the run, she quickly learns just how much Sheriff Gage Dawson doesn’t want her on this case. Not that she cares. She has jurisdiction, and she’ll bring in the fugitive dead or alive.


When small town sheriff, Gage Dawson’s cousin is sentenced to prison for a crime Gage is sure he didn’t commit, Gage knows he’s the only one who can right the wrong that’s been done.

Gage knows Johnny will be headed home. It’s up to him to bring Johnny in without blood being shed so he can learn the truth. Except it’s out of his hands when they send a U.S. Marshal to bring Johnny to justice. When he gets his first look at Makala, Gage knows he might be in even bigger trouble.