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Karen Kelley


I don't face things head-on. I’m a procrastinator. I know my faults, and that’s a big one. Which is why I’m not going to marry Daniel. Nope, I’m headed back to the Texas Hill country. I’ve already leased my own veterinarian clinic.
Except when I stopped by the ER to see my grandpa (he’s a doctor), I didn’t expect to see my old crush, Riley Buchannan, who’s still sexy as ever and still makes my heart beat just a little faster than normal.

Or that he would insist I stitch his leg because he has to get back to his ranch. His mare is about to drop her first foal. Is it my fault he didn’t ask what kind of doctor I am? I would’ve gladly told him I’m the new veterinarian.


Whitney’s home and all grown up. I guess I should’ve asked what kind of doctor she was before I insisted she stitch up my leg. She sort of owes me, but every time I ask her out, she turns me down.

Until her ex-fiance and her mother show up.
When she hires me to be her pretend boyfriend for the weekend, how can I say no? It’s kind of cute, her thinking I need the money.

But will my paid services extend to the bedroom?

I might not get the chance to find out when I underestimate Daniel. He’s full of all kinds of surprises, and none of them good.