The Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy

Undercover cop, Sam Jones, is ready for his vacation, but his plans never included taking an uppity female alien to his cabin deep in the

​​piney woods of Texas. Sure, he fell a little in love when her sister showed him the hologram of Lara, but he didn’t know a Healer would

​​act so damned superior or look so damned hot. He wants to kill her one minute and seduce her the next.

​​Planet Nerak is perfect, but when earthlings are accidently transported to Lara’s planet one of them infects an Elder. As a Healer, Lara

​​must test earth plants to find a cure, but Sam doesn’t seem pleased by her presence. He should, for she is from a much superior race.

​​Healers are set above everyone but the royals. A Healer must meditate to keep her mind one with the universe. It is not permitted to

​​touch a Healer less they disturb her aura. Sam does not seem to know these rules, and worse, he doesn’t seem to care. She only hopes

​​she can find a cure soon because Sam is affecting her aura in an odd, but rather pleasurable way.


Lara, her name was Lara. My God, she was more beautiful in person. In the hologram, she’d come across as ethereal, angelic, and pure.

But right now, she had her head held high and acted as if they should be paying homage that she’d gone to the trouble of gracing them with her presence. Man, something must’ve happened on the flight here because she sure didn’t act angelic.

“It’s good to find you well, sister,” Lara said, turning her attention back to Kia.

“You stole an Elder’s craft,” Kia whispered. “You are in so much trouble.”

Oh great, Sam thought. They would have all of Nerak after them now. He raised his gaze to the sky but didn’t see a league of women warriors coming after them.

“Of course I didn’t steal the craft,” Lara said. “The Elders sent me to Earth. I’m here on a mission.”

Kia stiffened. “I won’t return to Nerak.”

Nick draped an arm across Kia’s shoulders. Sam stepped to her other side. They wouldn’t let her go without a fight.

“I’m not here to take anyone home,” Lara said. “There’s trouble on our planet.”

Kia squared her shoulders. “Someone has dared attack Nerak?”

“So, the warrior code enforcer still lives inside you. I would’ve hated for my sister to forget her heritage.”

“Why have you come to Earth?” Kia asked, apparently deciding to let the chastising note in her sister’s voice slide.

“There has been no attack—yet. When our cousin’s craft returned there were aliens from earth on board—three men and a woman. One became ill and infected an Elder. I must find a cure before it’s too late.”

“Cast the invisibility shield around the craft and come inside,” Kia told her. “I found out the hard way it’s not good for anyone to learn where we come from.”

“There are men with you,” she said, not leaving the safety of the craft.

Kia looked at Nick, then him. “They are good men.”

Both Lara’s eyebrows rose. “There is such a thing?”

“Yeah, there’s a few of us left on Earth,” Sam told her. She might look angelic but when she opened her mouth, she reminded him of his ex-girlfriend—real uppity. Now he remembered why they’d split.

She turned her gaze on him, studied him for a moment, then just as quickly dismissed him when she focused once more on her sister. “I will go with you.”

It was no skin off his nose what she thought about him. Hell, the sooner he left for his cabin, the better. Just as soon as he made sure Nick and Kia were okay. And he wasn’t leaving until he knew for sure.

He let everyone go in front of him, watching Lara as she took in her surroundings. She seemed cautious, but curious. Until she looked down at the floor, then quickly raised her hem.

Hell, the floor looked clean to him. He didn’t see a problem. Apparently Miss High and Mighty did, though.

Nick shut the door behind them after everyone was inside and they all turned as one to look at Lara.

Man, he shouldn’t have looked directly into her pale green eyes. He’d never seen eyes the color of hers. They drew him in, made him feel as if she were caressing his soul.

Maybe she was like Medusa because he was starting to feel as if she could turn him to stone—at least one part of his anatomy. God, she was sexy as hell. He wouldn’t argue there. Not that he was even remotely interested since he’d witnessed first hand her haughty attitude. Nope, he didn’t want any part of that.

“It’s imperative that I find a cure for the Elder,” Lara repeated. She tilted her head to the side. “What is that scratching noise? It’s very unnerving.”

“The puppies,” Kia said and went to let them out.

Lara took a cautious step back as they came barreling out from the other room and right toward her.

“They won’t hurt you,” Kia said.

Tentatively, Lara leaned down and touched one. When it licked her finger, she jumped. “It tried to eat me,” she said accusingly, rubbing her finger.

“The puppy was showing you affection, that’s all,” Kia told her, picking one up and holding it close to her. She nuzzled her face in the softness of the fur.

Lara didn’t look at all comforted by this knowledge as she straightened. “You’ve succumbed to Earth’s temptations,” she lightly scolded.

What person didn’t want to pet a puppy? So what if Kia was tempted to cuddle them. What difference did that make?

“Which Elder is it and what do we need to do to help find the cure?” Kia returned to the subject at hand, looking genuinely worried as she set the puppy back on the floor.


Kia drew in a sharp breath.

Sam felt sorry for her. He knew the Elders were the ones who ruled Nerak. This one must mean a lot to her.

“The disease came from Earth so this is where I’ll need to find the cure,” Lara explained. “I must test the plants and see if one of them will work as a remedy.”

“Yes, of course,” Nick supplied.

Lara looked at Nick, then just as quickly turned back to Kia. Sam frowned. This nerakian was starting to piss him off.

“I’ll work here then. You’ll take me to where these plants grow.”

“We don’t actually have a place here in the city,” Nick tried to explain.

“Then you lied?”

“No, not exactly,” Nick explained. “This is the city. Plants grow in the country unless a nursery will work. That’s a place where people grow plants from seeds and cuttings.”

“You will take me to the country. I need to test them in their natural environment.”

“Do you even know what you’re looking for?” Sam asked. He wondered if she realized how many plants there were on Earth.

“I’ll know it when I find it. I only need one that will react with the chemicals I will be adding.”

Kia and Nick looked toward him at the same time and acted as if he was supposed to say something.

“What?” he finally asked.

“You can take her to your cabin,” Kia and Nick spoke in unison.

“Me? Huh-uh. I’m not even taking her with me.” This was his vacation and he damn sure didn’t want to spend it with this...this nerakian who thought she was better than everyone else.

“Please, Sam,” Kia pleaded. “For me?”

This wasn’t right. Not right at all. They shouldn’t even ask. Not that it was going to do them a bit of good.

“I’m not taking her to my cabin.”

“But...” Kia started.

He shook his head. “No way, no how. It’s not going to happen.”


"Karen Kelley certainly knows how to draw a reader in from the very first page and keep them hooked until the very end. Humor runs rampant page after page and the sex is actually very beautiful. I can only say that this is one paranormal romance you do not want to pass up." -- Liadan, Coffee Time Romance.

"This third Planet Nerak book is hysterically funny, with crazy alien antics, a surprise character cameo and literal out-of-this-world lovemaking. Readers will laugh out loud at the latest Nerakian desires and distractions and be pleased with the plethora of details finally revealed about Nerak." -- Jennifer Maddsen, Romantic Times reviewer.

"The Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy by Karen Kelley is another fantastic book that features the travelers from Nerak. The interactions between Sam and Laura had me cracking up! There was also a lot of heat with this couple that kept things humming." -- Tammy, Fallen Angel reviewer.

"Karen has put together an fantastic read. It has scenes so hot that it scorches the pages, so funny that you laugh out loud, unexpected turns with interplanetary travel and the planet Nerak. I would recommend this read to anyone, and am eagerly looking forward to the next book." -- Cryna Palmiere, reader.
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