USA Today Bestselling Author

Karen Kelley

Who would’ve thought jumping out of a cake at a bachelor party would pay so well…and cost so much!

Cassidy Jones hasn’t got a clue how she ended up in bed with the dangerously attractive bachelor at last night’s party or how he’ll explain it to his fiancée when she storms into his bedroom, but when Penelope Winthrop bares her claws at Cassidy, she refuses to let this snobby socialite treat her like trailer park trash. Drat, her Irish temper always chooses the most inappropriate moments to emerge.

Blake won’t be manipulated by his younger brother or Cassidy, no matter how alluring she is. But was she a pawn or a willing participant in his brother’s plot to stop the wedding? He’s not sure anymore, and for a man who has always prided himself on being in complete control, he suddenly feels as though he’s adrift on a sea of raw emotions as he’s haunted by her beauty and dreams of a passionate night spent in her arms.

When fate throws them together once again, Blake knows this is his chance to get her out of his mind once and for all.