Can a pinky swear with his little sister keep Alex from temptation?

     ​Kagen wants Alex as soon as she sees him, so is it fate that throws

​​them together for a week in his little sister’s apartment while she’s on

​​her honeymoon? When Kagen discovers Alex did something foolish

​​and promised little sister he wouldn’t touch her best friend, the wager is

​​on to see how long he can resist her charms.

     ​The pinky swear has always been a sacred promise between Alex ​​

​​and his little sister, but Kagen’s seduction is pushing playboy Alex to

​​the edge. He begins to wonder if the pinky swear was even legit since

​​no spit was involved. Would that be considered a loophole?

     ​When Kagen offers up a wager, Alex knows anything she can do,

​​he can to better, but he doesn’t count on exactly how far the lady will


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     ​Alex’s gaze slowly roamed the crowded room, smiling politely at the faces of people who might or might not be related to him.

​​People laughed and gossiped, catching up on whose kid had done what. His sigh was laced with a heavy dose of boredom. If this

​was ​his little sister’s wedding reception he’d think of some excuse to bow out gracefully. But it was, and he wouldn’t hurt Lisa’s

​​feelings if his life depended...

     ​His gaze skidded to an abrupt halt as the sea of people parted and a goddess appeared before his eyes. The party had just gotten

​​a hell of a lot more interesting.

     ​No woman should look that damned good, or that damned tempting.

     ​The dim overhead light cast a soft glow on her features, as if she’d stepped down from the clouds to let mere mortals partake of

​​her beauty.

     ​Even across the length of the room, he zoomed in on her delicate features, the curls sensuously caressing her cheeks. He

​​imagined his knuckles rubbing across the silky smoothness of her skin before his gaze trailed over the blue gown that clung to her

​​luscious curves. When she moved, the slit in the side of her gown parted, revealing one long, slender leg.

     ​“Are you ready to jump out the nearest window and run screaming down the road?” Lisa asked as she came up beside him.

     ​The lascivious thoughts formulating in his brain ground to a screeching halt. When he faced his little sister he had all his sinful

​​musings reined in. “I do not scream.”

     ​“Congratulations!” Aunt Pearl called as she plowed her way toward them, wide-brimmed, blue hat flopping as if she was about to

​​take off in flight. “Such a beautiful wedding.” She dabbed the moisture from her eyes with a lace-trimmed hankie. “I wanted to

​​welcome the groom..." She looked around.

     ​“Steve’s changing out of his tux and should be here soon,” Lisa told their aunt.

     ​“Well, you take good care of that man of yours.” Her eyes widened. “Oh, there’s Winifred.” She shoved her glasses higher on her

​​nose and whispered conspiratorially, “Do you think she’s had something done to her face? You know, gone under the knife? At the

​​very least, Botox. I’ll see what I can find out.” With a hurried goodbye she rushed off toward the other woman.

     ​“Will we be that bad when we’re their age?” he asked.

     ​“I don’t know, are you planning on having facelifts or buy humongous hats?” They grinned at each other.

     ​“It isn’t in my plans at the moment,” he told her. He studied her for a moment. “I like Steve. You chose well for yourself.

     ​She blushed. “I like to think so.” Lisa smoothed her hands over the skirt of her traveling suit. “Now, what were we talking about?

     ​​Oh yes, the fact you don’t scream. If I remember correctly, you screamed pretty loud the afternoon I borrowed your tennis racket.

     ​​Half the neighborhood heard you. Remember, Mrs. Johnson called the police. She thought a burglar had broken into our house.”

     ​“That was different. You used it to mash mom’s grapes. I think twelve-year-old boys are allowed an occasional scream.”

     ​“You said that was the reason you lost the tournament.” She shook her head. “You hated losing then almost as much as you do


     ​“No I don’t.” His eyebrows veed. “You shouldn’t have used my lucky racket. What were you thinking about? You never admitted to


     ​A rosy blush stained her cheeks. “I was making wine. I’d watched an old movie on TV about a nun and decided I wanted to convert

​​to Catholicism.”

     ​“And you needed alcohol to get religious?”

     ​“It was for communion.” Her chin thrust out. “So what were you looking at so intently when I came up?” She quickly changed the

​​subject. “You reminded me of a dieter with her nose pressed against the window of a pastry shop.”

     ​He didn’t answer.

     ​She snapped her fingers. “I know, you’ve spotted a female. I should’ve guessed. Whose heart are you going to break this time?”

     ​“I don’t break hearts. I enter into relationships with honesty and an understanding that I’m not looking for marriage.”

     ​“And you break their heart. So who’s the unlucky victim?”

     ​“The young lady who caught my eye is over there.” He nodded in the general direction of his fantasy woman. A sudden thought

​​occurred. “Please tell me we’re not related to her.” Damn, finding out the woman he’d been lusting after was a relative could relegate

​​him to nights of cold showers and nightmares for at least a month.

     ​His sister studied the crowd.

     ​He couldn’t look. “Blonde hair. Blue dress,” he supplied.

     ​“Natalie?” She shook her head. “You don’t stand a chance.”

     ​He grinned. “Want to wager?” He hadn’t found a woman he couldn’t tempt to join him in his bed. All by mutual consent, of course.

     ​“You know I don’t bet, but I should. I doubt she’s forgiven you for pulling the heads off her dolls.”

     ​“That Natalie? Our cousin?”

     ​A bitter taste of regret filled his mouth. He looked toward where he’d last seen the beauty but the woman he’d been fantasizing

​​about was no longer there.

     ​Lisa chuckled. “I don’t think she ever forgave you.”

     ​“They’d committed war crimes. Spies my soldiers captured. Wasn’t she kind of...”

     ​“Chunky? Yeah, she’s lost a lot of weight. That’s her husband beside her.”

     ​The crowd shifted and he had a clear view of her once again. “Sorry, sis. I don’t see a man.”

     ​She pointed. “The short guy with the glasses. Right over there.”

     ​He let out a relieved breath. “Not her.” Placing his hands on her shoulders, he shifted her slightly to the left. “The blonde in the blue


     ​She shook her head. “Huh-uh. Stay away from her.”

     ​“Good.” He grinned. “Then we’re not related.”

     ​“Yes, we are!”

     ​Her face had guilt written all over it. She never had been a good liar.

     ​“You won’t mind if I just stroll over and introduce myself then. I mean, if we’re related then what harm could there be in becoming

​​better acquainted.”

     ​“No, you can’t.”

     ​She grabbed his arm when he started to walk away.

     ​“I will unless you tell me what’s going on.”

     ​She sighed. “She’s Steve’s friend.”

     ​His eyebrows shot up. “The one you told me about? Rich, owns her own business?”

     ​“The one and only. And it’s more like a string of businesses. She’s also Steve’s best friend. They’ve known each other since junior

​​high. If you break her heart Steve will never forgive you, or me.” Her eyes pleaded. “As a wedding present, promise me you won’t do

​​anything to ruin your relationship with him? Please?”

     ​His gaze rested on the woman again. Women fascinated him. He loved everything about them. All their little quirks. The way they

​​moved. The way they smelled. The way they laughed. The way their eyes sparkled. He had a feeling there were many facets to this

​​one that he’d enjoy.

     ​“Alex? Please.”

     ​He glanced at Lisa. She wore the look that could make him do anything. The one where she wrapped him around her little finger.

​​His sigh was long and deep. “Okay, you win.”

     ​She held up her pinkie.

     ​He cocked an eyebrow. “You want me to spit on your little finger? Here? Now?”

     ​She looked thoughtful. “Okay. You don’t have to spit, but you have to swear.”

     ​He shook his head, but placed his pinkie against hers.

     ​“Swear, Alex.”

     ​“This is silly.”


     ​Lisa wouldn’t move until he swore. Stubborn, ill tempered... He almost pitied Steve. “I swear.”

     ​“That you won’t so much as wink at her.”

     ​“I won’t even go near her.”

     ​Her shoulders relaxed. “Thank you. Now dance with me. We haven’t been on the floor even once.”

     ​Good tactic. Lure him away from temptation. Alex looked at his watch. Nearly nine. “Aren’t you supposed to be at the airport by


     ​“There will always be time for a dance with my big brother.” Her eyes shone with love at the same time she tugged on his arm.

     ​“Then how could I refuse?” He let her lead him to the dance floor but before they joined the other couples, she handed him a key.
     ​“Here, you’d better take this before I forget. Just promise you won’t have any wild parties in my apartment.”

     ​“I don’t have wild parties. Besides, I’ll be working-- remember. And it’s not just your apartment anymore. You’re married.” He

​​looked at the key before slipping it into his pocket. “You did discuss this with Steve, right? He knows I’ll be staying there for the


     ​“You always stay at my apartment. And Steve loves me. He won’t mind. Besides, we’ll be on our honeymoon.”

     ​“You still should’ve talked it over with him.”

     ​“I will. Later. Just make sure you keep that appointment. I had to pull a lot of strings to set it up.”

     ​“Don’t worry, I can’t afford to miss it. I’m gambling my future on this computer app.”

     ​She squeezed his arm as they began moving to the rhythm of a slow song. “You’ll do fine. And what better place to gamble than

​​Las Vegas?”